Evasion of income tax of legal entities

Evasion of income tax of legal entities directly affects the government's ability to fund resources. It arises out of not granting taxable income, or an increase in expenses and overstatement of tax, respectively costs.

Tax fraud and evasion in respect of VAT

Tax fraud and evasion in respect of VAT most often comes from fraud and evasion in cross-border transactions, fraud and evasion related to invoicing and accounting or from avoiding of VAT registration and payment.

Consumption tax evasion

Consumption tax evasion occurs most frequently in tobacco and alcohol industry. Counterfeiting labeling of these products results not only in the state budget shortfalls, but potentially disastrous consequences for human life and health.

Illegal employment

Illegal employment is essentially a product of two factors: legislation which restricts possibilities for legal labour migration; and the incentives of employers to circumvent the costs of employing legal labour.



Products of the company Allexis are integrated software solutions allowing to effectively fight against all types of tax fraud. They are intended for state administration authorities, business entities as well as common people. Besides effective elimination of illegal activities, they bring a number of other benefits in the form of time and financial savings, increased effectiveness of business processes as well as increased security at financial transactions.
Software tools from Allexis are based on latest technologies and tested in production operation in the Slovak Republic.

Processing of tax stamps orders

Processing and verification of tax stamps for Customs Office

Electronic cash register control

Electronic cash register control using software application

Tax stamp control

Tax stamp control execution using software application

Internal Revenue Service control

Complex control tool of Internal Revenue Service under other control systems

Black work control

Complex solution for illegal employment control execution

Tax stamps information system

Administration of tax stamps life cycle process

Customs control

Customs control planning, execution and management using software application

Cash Register Document Verification

Verification of cash register documents

Tax control

Tax control planning, execution and management using software application

Virtual Cash Register

Issuing cash receipts virtually using software application

Mobile Cash Register

Issuing cash receipts virtually using mobile application

Tax stamps purchase

Ordering and purchasing of tax stamps for entrepreneurs

Tax stamps printing

Printing and administration of tax stamps for Central Printing Office

Super tax stamps

Control of tax stamps validity using mobile application

Business Consulting

Process management implementation, business process reengineering implementation, cost reduction, organization structure optimization, etc.

IT Solutions

Custom software development, mobile & web application development, IT services providing, system integration, data integration, IT consulting

Euro Consulting

Project and application creation, its implementation as well as elaboration of supporting analysis and studies, supervising of projects funded by the European Union



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